Call for application under measures 1, 2, 3 & 4

A call for application is being issued under the mentioned measures of the Xlokk Local Development Strategy as part of the LEADER programme 2014-2020. All respective guidance and application form are found below:

First set of applications is to be received by the 17th May 2022, at noon.

Measure 1 – Guidelines (call 4) GXF Application Form – M1 M2 – Guidelines (call 5)GXF Application Form – M1GXF M3 – Guidelines – call 3GXF M3 – application formGXF – M 4 – Guidelines (call 4)GXF M4 – APPLICATION Form

M19.3 – Application for students, olive oil local producers, oil presser operators, olive pickers and Voluntary organisations

The GXF is issuing a call for applications under measure 19.3 to participate in a project called ‘L’Olio di Oliva nel Mediterraneo’. The chosen applicants will have the opportunity to visit Foligno in the region of Umbria, between the 20th and 25th April 2022. Deadline of applications is Tuesday 8th March 2022, at 14.00. 

  • Students should be studying in the sector of agriculture/horticulture/environmental science/natural resource management and the rural sciences with one of the research institutes/colleges/schools in the Maltese Islands. Applications from new students should be endorsed by a tutor/director or other responsible representative were the student conducts his/her studies;
  • Local producers working in the olive oil sector emanating from the south-east territory of the Maltese Islands. Applications from local producers should be endorsed from the Executive Secretary and/or Mayor of the Local Council.
  • Individuals working as olive pickers. Applications from olive pickers should be endorsed from the Executive Secretary and/or Mayor of the Local Council.
  • Oil presser operators working in the Maltese Islands;
  • Individuals forming part of agricultural and educational Voluntary Organisations(VO);

The application form can be downloaded from the below link:

M19.3 application form – V.4