Publication of measure 4 (2nd call) – Guidance notes and application form

The GAL XLOKK Foundation is publishing an updated version of the guidance notes and application form pertaining to measure 4 of the Local Development Strategy – Development of Green infrastructure. A word version of the application form can be requested through email on [email protected]

Eligible beneficiaries: Local Councils and Voluntary organisations.

Measure 4 – Guidelines (call 2)


Students’ applications interested to participate in M19.3 project

The GAL XLOKK Foundation has issued the application forms for students interested to particpate in a trans-national project under measure 19.3 of the LEADER programme (2014-2020). Students should be studying in the sector of agriculture/horticulture/environmental science/natural resource management and the rural sciences with one of the research institutes/colleges/schools in the Maltese Islands.

Applications should be submitted via email on [email protected] or by hand until Friday 20th December 2019, at noon.

M19.3 students application form