List of applications received – Students participating in M19.3 project

The GXF is publishing the list of applicants received from students studying in the sector of agriculture/horticulture/environmental science/natural resource management and the rural sciences with one of the research institutes/colleges/schools in the Maltese Islands.

The chosen candidates will be participating in several activities in the region of Umbria, Italy as part of the project L’Olio di oliva nel Mediterraneo as part of M19.3.

list of applications received

Call for students interested to participate in a trans-national project (M19.3)

The GXF is issuing a call for applications for students interested to participate in a trans-national project in Umbria, Italy. The students should be willing to travel to Italy whilst experiencing hands-on activities related to the olive oil sector. The application form can be downloaded from the following link:M19.3 students application form

List of final results pertaining to the projects under:
  • Measure 1 – Restoration of assets of artistic and cultural value;
  • Measure 2 – Strengthening a healthy cultural identity.
Both actions form part of the Xlokk Local Development Strategy under the LEADER programme 2014-2020 (M19.2).