Pre-call for measures 1 and 2

The GXF is publishing a pre-call under the below mentioned measures. The guidance notes and application form will be published on the documents’ section of the website on the 5th January 2021.

  • Measure 1 – Restoration of assets of artistic and cultural value;
  • Measure 2 – Strengthening a healthy cultural identity

M19.2 advert – 28.12.20

Application for new private beneficiaries (members)

GXF Adhesion form

The GAL Xlokk Foundation (GXF) would like to welcome on board new private beneficiaries interested to form part of the Local Action Group (LAG). During the AGM held on the 10th December 2020, those present have agreed that the call for new private beneficiairies will remain open indefinitely. 

Local entrepreneurs, agro-alimentary producers, farmers, artisans, artists, voluntary organisations, private entities, operators involved in rural experiences and/or the hospitality industry within the Xlokk (South-East) territory are encouraged to fill in the below application form and send a copy to [email protected].

If you have a direct interest in agriculture, SMEs, rural economy, agro-tourism and environment amongst others, you are encouraged to become a GXF beneficiary and increase your chance to exchange experiences and learn about the role of local action groups within the Maltese islands.

Public consultation on a new initiative by the European Commission for a long-term vision for rural areas.

The European Commission has launched on 7 September 2020 a public consultation on its new initiative for a long-term vision for rural areas. This consultation aims to collect views on current opportunities and challenges in rural areas, aspirations for rural areas in 2040 and the actions needed to achieve these aspirations. Here is the link: