M19.4 Administrative Calls – Clarifications

The Foundation is publishing a number of clarifications in relation to the below RFQs:

  • RFQ001-2018GXF – Leasing of premises;
  • RFQ004-2018GXF – ICT Services;
  • RFQ002-2018GXF – Accountant;
  • RFQ005-2018GXF – Business insurance;
  • RFQ007-2018GXF – Stationery.

A document is attached to answer the clarifications for RFQ001-2018GXF, RFQ004-2018GXF, RFQ005-2018GXF and RFQ007-2018GXF. Pages 34 and 35 of the Operating Guidelines for the LEADER programme are attached in relation to RFQ002-2018GXF.

rfq004-2018gxf-clarifications rfq001-2018gxf-clarifications rfq005-2018gxfclarifications rfq007-2018gxf-clarificationsoperating-guidelines_p34-35