M19.4 – Recommendation of award for the Administrative Calls

The GAL XLOKK Foundation is here under publishing the “Recommendation of award” for the below RFQs, covered under measure 19.4 of the EU LEADER Programme (2014-2020):

  • RFQ001-2018GXF – Leasing of premises
  • RFQ002-2018GXF – Accountancy services
  • RFQ003-2018GXF – Audit services
  • RFQ004-2018GXF – ICT Services
  • RFQ005-2018GXF – Business insurance
  • RFQ006-2018GXF – Printer
  • RFQ007-2018GXF – Stationery

Each award is pending any appeal lodged. Upon completion of the Appeals process, GAL XLOKK Foundation will publish the final outcome of the award.rfqs-recommendation