Marsascala Local Council

GXF members since 2010

Latitude: 35°51 ’45” N

Longitude: 14°34 ‘3″ E

Area: 5.4km²

Population total: 9,346 (Nov 2005)

Population density: 1,738/km²

Borders: Marsaxlokk, Żabbar, Żejtun

Patron saint: St. Anne

Day of festa: Last Sunday of July

Telephone no: 21637171

Mayor: Mr. Mario Calleja


Marsascala (Maltese: Marsaskala or just M’skala),[1] is a modest sea-side village in Malta that has grown up around the small harbour at the head of Marsascala Bay, a long narrow inlet also known as Marsaskala Creek. The bay is sheltered to the north by Ras iż-Żonqor, the south-east corner of Malta, and to the south by the headland of Ras il-Gżira.

The name comes from the words “Marsa” (meaning “Port”) and “Sqalli” (meaning “Sicilian”).

The village extends along both sides of the bay, and across most of Il-Ħamrija, a creek leading to Il-Ponta tal-Gzira.

The shore north of Ras iż-Żonqor is of low cliffs, with shelving rock ledges south of the point. Marsaskala Bay is largely edged by promenade, with low shelving rock ledges cut with salt pans on the seaward face of Ras iċ-Ċerna, which continue on round the eastern point, past l-Abjad iż-Żgħir, and into Il-Bajja ta’ San Tumas (St Thomas Bay) to the south.The parish church is dedicated to Sant Anna (St. Anne) and St Anne’s feast is celebrated at the end of July in Marsascala.

 The town has a winter population of 9,298 people (Nov 2005), but this swells to around 20,000 in summer.