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Gal Xlokk Foundation

The GAL XLOKK Foundation is one of the Local Action Group which has been chosen to implement the LEADER programme for Malta (2014-2020) in the South east territory of the Maltese Islands. The aim of the Foundation is to help improve the quality of life and economic prosperity in the South-East rural areas in Malta. Seventeen (17) Rural localities fall under the Xlokk territory. These are situated along the south coast and extend from west to east and to the centre of the island. Although one can say that many planning issues are common to the whole island, the Xlokk territory has a number of specific features/ needs which need to be reflected into different targeted measures. These localities can be divided into: - Coastal localities: Qrendi, Marsaskala, Marsaxlokk, Birżebbuga, Żurrieq, Kalkara Xgħajra - Inland localities: Ħal Ghaxaq, Ħal Qormi, Gudja, Ħal Kirkop, Ħal Luqa, Mqabba, Żejtun, Ħal Safi, Santa Lucija, Ħaż Żabbar These seventeen localities are included in the National Statistics Office (NSO)’s Southern & Northern Harbour and South Eastern district classifications (majority of localities fall under this latter district). The localities making up these three districts are: • Southern Harbour District – Ħaż Żabbar, Kalkara, Luqa, Santa Luċija, Xgħajra • Northern Harbour District – Qormi • South Eastern District – Żejtun, Birżebbuġa, Gudja, Ħal Għaxaq, Kirkop, Marsascala, Marsaxlokk, Mqabba, Qrendi, Ħal Safi, Żurrieq The Xlokk localities represent a total population of 111,196 people (26% of total Malta population) and an area of c. 71km² (total Malta: 246km2). The territory supports important national infrastructures, such as the Malta International Airport, the Malta Freeport and many industrial estates such as the Bulebel, Ħal Far and Ħal Luqa Industrial estates.

The Labour force from this area was concentrated in the shipyards located in the Grand Harbour at Cottonera. However, with the structural changes in the labour market, today substantial numbers of residents work at the Bulebel Industrial Estate in Zejtun, Luqa Industrial Estate, Luqa International Airport, San Vincenz De Paule in Luqa, and in the service industry such as restaurants in Marsascala, Birzebbugia and Marsaxlokk.

GAL Xlokk represents a leading area in livestock management. The majority of livestock pig farms (36%) are situated in this region producing more than 33% of pigs in Malta and Gozo. Moreover this region produce more than 25% of all sheep and goats in Malta and Gozo. This is supported by a holding of 44% of all fishing vessels in Malta and Gozo. In Zejtun one also finds the major milk production facilities in Malta. The region is also a major producer of potatoes, cultivation of vines, feeds for livestock and rabbit breeding.