GAL XLOKK Newsletters – Flimkien fix-Xlokk

During these years, a number of articles were researched and written for the GAL XLOKK Publication, which includes amongst others information on the LEADER projects that were administered by the LAG and other informational articles that focused mainly on unique topics such as the Environment, Culture and History of the Xlokk rural territory.

GXF First Publication


GXF Second Publication

GXF Third Publication

GXF Fourth Publication



Public Consultation Meetings (2014-2020)

In 2016, GXF has implemented a wide public consultation process as part of its work for the Local Development Strategy for the LEADER programme covering the 2014-2020 Programming period. The Foundation invited all its local stakeholders including local councils, community members, private entities, NGOs and voluntary organisations for (3) three public meetings. The meetings were held in the localities of Zejtun, Qrendi and Luqa.

Those interested in the sector of agriculture, SMEs, rural economy, agri-tourism, and environment amongst others, had the opportunity to participate in the meetings. The ultimate aim of the meetings was to put forward ideas and proposals for projects considered vital for the South-East territory. In addition, the LAG’s manager and secretary met on a one-to-one basis with all those interested to discuss into detail their proposals.